Saturday, August 12, 2017

Lost over 10 kilos!

This is not the most active blog, but I hope to improve on that in the future.

Since I wrote list, I am happy to report that I have managed to loose about 10 kilos of weight! I feel very proud over this achievement and I also feel a lot healthier. Most of my clothes now fit better and some do not fit at all, as they are now a bit too large. This might of course necessitate an investment in the near future. On the other hand, clothes I could wear before, are now possible to put on again.

So, how did I achieve this? I am sorry to say, but there is no magical trick. I have done a few lifestyle changes in order to make this more sustainable. In short:

1) Not driving to/from work.
Most often I use public transport. Only doing this requires a few thousand steps (to walk to/from bus stop etc.). A few times I have even jogged home from work (around 6 kilometres).

2) Eating healthier
Often I have brought my lunch and snacks to work instead of going out to eat. Not only is this healthier (of course depending on what you bring), but also cheaper.

3) Exercising more
I have found my way back to regular exercise. I again do some regular rowing, running (well, let's be honest and call it jogging) and walking. This has also turned out to be a good way to handle relatively high level of stress at work.

All in all, no enormous changes and I feel healthier, happier and have been able to save some money!

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